How to remove multiple work request threads from the clipboard

My requirement is like when ever user clicks on specified link it should close all the opened work request and need to load different portal.

Loading the different portal, i am able to do but the respective Work object threads are not removing from the clipboard.

Please advice how to remove all Work request threads from the clip board.


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December 12, 2015 - 10:10am

Are you working on Pega7? If So, it can be easily done using pzClearRecentItem activity API. You can get list of workthreads and associated entries in recents cache(Declare_pRecentsCache) and call activity on each recent item. At the back it closes all the documents on the client side and clears all work threads on the server.


Or, you could also try to use pzClearAllRecentItems with some wrapper around it.

Or, irrespective of Pega 7 or 6.x, You can write custom javascript function to fire doClose() js function all required client side documents.


Can you eloborate more on requirement which may help to look for other possible options.