How do I create or access a custom library and function in the Property 'Override Sort Function'

How do we add custom Sort Libraries with custom compare functions so that they are recognized by the Override Sort Function on the Property Advanced tab?

I created a custom library named 'RASSort' with a function 'compareUrgency' in my current ruleset. This saves and generates, however, this function is not accessible in the Property Override Sort Function textbox. Manually entering it as 'CurrentRulesetName:compareUrgency' returns the error "Comparator function: Enter a valid Rule-Utility-Function in the Sort library using format RuleSet:FunctionName".


I also copied the pega 'Sort' library into the current ruleset (in an attempt to override the Pega-RULES:Sort library ). Attempting to save this library returns the error

"pyLibraryName: The Library failed to compile"

when the 'Library ready to be compiled?' checkbox is selected and I attempt to save.


What would be the correct way to access this custom function in the Override Sort Function textbox?


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April 15, 2015 - 2:10pm

pleae answer . i too need to know this. i have a text property and this has 10 items as prompt list , need to sort this and show in a drop down . no clue how to use this ovverride sort functionality.