how to create a Pagelist for two data classes

Hi All,

   My requirement is, in a section I have to enter data for some fields and click Add button.Then the data I entered should be displayed as a row below the Add button immediatly. For this I need to create a Pagelist property with those properties on the screen and give that pagelist to row repeat grid layout with section refresh.

But the field properies are not in a single data class.Some properties are in one data class and other are in another data class. So, how can we create a pagelist with all these properties? The properties are in work class also but we should not create a pagelist for work class, with work class properties.


Actually we created a separate data class with all the properties in two data classes and acheived the result. But I need some perfect solution. Just creating a class for row repeat is not a good idea. right?


Please help me regarding on this.




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January 23, 2014 - 1:49pm

Hi - I believe you can use data transforms. I am not sure how many properties you have.

May 2, 2014 - 3:07pm

I would suggest is to create the properties which are needed to be displayed in the PageList of another class to be present in the Parent class.

For Eg)

Your Page List say-->FordCarPageList

and the Class Mapped is --> Org-Car-Data-Ford(Properties --> Wheels,HeadLight)

And you need other properties to be displayed in FordCarPageList from another class -->

Org-Car-Data-BMW(Properites --> Steering,BMWLogo)


If you need the property BMWLogo in the FordCarPageList, then move that to a higher class -->Org-Car-Data-

So that it can be displayed in the Grid Layout.