Find objects in Database via Java Step

I want to find objects in Pega DB via Java activity Step. It seems that method Database.list() can help me. But theres no example how to use it correctly. I need to pass ClipboardPage as a parameter and javadoc says: "aListPage - a Code-Pega-List page containing the list parameters. The list results are placed in this page."

Where can i find examples of usage or is there another method to search objects?

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February 13, 2016 - 10:33am

You can do a "contains" search for "executeRDB" but this call is meant for concatenating complex SQL statements - for example within a ListVew's getContent Activity.

It is much simpler to use Activity methods or call Report Definition pxRetrieveReportData to do queries.

Activities can be called from java code using tools.doActivity().

An example of recursion is Work-.pyGetNestedCases.