Fetching pxResults() from clipboard

Hi ,
I want to fetch pxResults records from clipboard with activity

ex NEW (page name )
pxResults(1).Sno = 1
pxResults(2).Sno = 2

i want Sno in property "XYZ" inside activity
wheni amusing New.pxresults.pxResults(1).Sno

its giving me error pxreults undefined though i mentioned it in page andclasses tab

please explain the syntax to call andhow to mention in pages and classes tab

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July 15, 2010 - 1:04am

If you are trying to retrive the results for a class ABC

have the page name as

testpage.pxResults() for the ABC class and
testpage for the code-pega-list.

Now you can retrieve the data easily.