entering accent char ( ` ) in a text field

Entering the accent char ( ` ) in a text field that has a post back to server event (to execute an activity) results in an html error on the screen. This is the only char that we enter into a text field that prompts an error, and I'm assuming it's some sort of PEGA parsing fluke.
Basically on blur of the textbox, it dissappears and some html is shown on the screen in it's place:
<INPUT id=AnswerList class=leftJustifyStyle onchange="handleClientEvent('SERVER', 'ConvertCurrentStdWeightToMetric','', '-1', event)" value=` maxLength=3 size=3 name=$PpyWorkPage$pQuestionList$gCWtlb$pAnswerList$l1 PN=".QuestionList(CWtlb).AnswerList(1)">

Note the value of the input box is `
The activity that it is running 'ConvertCurrentStdWeightToMetric' is a standard activity that converts standard to metric.
Yes, I have a precondition to check if it is a double first: .QuestionList(CWtlb).AnswerList(1) != "" && @isDouble(.QuestionList(CWtlb).AnswerList(1)) == true

Anyone else have this problem?

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February 11, 2013 - 5:22am

Yes, I have the same problem. It is an address field, when an accent (`) entered and the screen is saved, a similar to your HTML code is displayed. Have you got any solution to this?

February 11, 2013 - 5:41am

It happens if only (`) is entered ro any string containing (`) is entered.