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I need to create a CSV file and save it in some location of my application server.For that I have created one activity in which i am using connect-file method. Now in the connector rule form I have given the destination path as \tmp as the server is based on the unix based operating system.

Now my question is where do i find the file created through my activity. In the service rule i have just given \tmp as the destination path. what is the full destination path where i can see the file created by my activity. Or How can i find the full path of the file??


Thanks In Advance.


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July 8, 2016 - 3:39am

Hi Vijay,


Any idea how you resolved this one? I have an requirement to store file in a remote location, However each time I am giving the Destination path to connect FIle rule, and on click of Test connectivity, it is showing there is no path as such found?

Please let me know if you have idea and some free time.

Thanks in advance.



Ram Pandey

October 5, 2016 - 5:19am

I have the same issue - the help says you can define an exact path such as "C:\temp" for the local machine, but this is flagged as not existing. I suspect that the help is incorrect and the pxServiceExportPath is used somehow, although I confess as to being a bit in the dark about how this can be overridden.