BIX Extract Rules

When we started our project we created several BIX extracts using the Get All Properties option. This option has a couple of drawbacks for the Cognos folks receiving the data. First off, the size of the XML files is very large and in most cases they only need a handful of fields from each class. Also, Get All Properties does not create an XSD, which is helpful for validating data. So we received a new set of requirements based on the Get All XML we had been producing, with the reduced field set. This seems to work fine for all or our reports but one. In this one case the data team has asked us to include /item/pxFlow/pyFlowParameters/ReferenceInsName (this is as shown in the original XML). There appears to be no way to select this field when selecting parameters for the report. When I look at the clipboard for an item that would show up in the report I see three instances of pxFlow. Only one of these has a pyFlowParameters page with ReferenceInsName defined. This is basically the name of the previous work object that created this work object. So, it shows in the clipboard, it shows when I select all. Does anyone have an idea of how to get it when I select specific fields? Or, is there another field that would serve the purpose of finding the previous work object? I have looked and cannot find a suitable field.


Any help here is appreciated.




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December 2, 2015 - 2:43pm

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Some one can help on this Please?