Assignment Dynamic Routing

My Requirment is in the same assignment
1)Based on one property is true or false, I need to send it either WorkBasket [if true] or worklist[if false] ***Important not currentoperator

**********Important thing is not currentoperator's worklist , send it to Another operator's worklist
I wrote one assignment activity and router activity,
1)My Assignment activity consists of
if the property is true need to send it workbasket
am calling ,so I am calling Call Work-.WorkBasket

if the property is false need to send it worklist
so I tried with setting value of param.UseCurOperIfBasketNotFound=true using property-set
is not working ,then I started calling Call Work-.ToWorkList activity
2)My Router activity
Consists if the property true , send it to workbasket ,so
param.AssignTo Workbasketname[if property is true]
param.Worklist -false
if the property is false, need to send it to worklist of another operator
param.AssignTo---Cover.Operatorname-[Is available from Cover in order for this I need to put a cover class in page and class and refer cover.operatorname [oneof the property]

All the scenarios Workbasket routing happening correctly when come to worklist [when the property is false ] always giving error redirecting to problem flow ,
I suspected because of trying to redirect cover.operatorname worklist instead of Currentoperator[pxRequestor.pyUserIdentifier] ,then I tried with current operator also ,always getting an error redirecting to problem flow [only in the case of worklist-when the property is false]

Important thing both my assignment and router activity step page names are empty, if I put page name I am getting trying to set invalid page.
so any suggestion and help much appreciated

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September 11, 2010 - 7:32am

Check if the page "Cover" exists while routing the case to work list. Trace out the Router/Assignment activities for any issue.

Cant you refer to page pyWorkCover instead referring page "Cover" for getting operator details?

September 11, 2010 - 9:24am

Thanks for your reply, one more thing I forgot to mention both my Assignment and Router Activities Applies To Class is My Cover Class.

My Business Requirment I have many assignments few of them in Cover Level and few of them in Covered Object Level.

In addition I would like to mention in my Assignment,Router activities Pages and Classes Tab is empty , I did not put any class name and pagename , also Step Page names are empty in both activities[Means Router, Assignment activities]
The reason I did that is in real time if put Assignment Assign Work-Basket then page of newAssignpage of Assign-Workbasket set , if WorkList then page of newAssignPage of Assign-WorkList set , then goes to router, if put pyWorkCover /Cover in my Assignment activity's Step page, instead of newAssignPage cover page is being passed, so then router activities says invalid page,
Then I tried putting newAssignPage as step page then router cannot able to route , the reason is when my property is false I am trying to route it to my Cover Operator name ,since I replaced newAssignpage instead of Cover page , then Cover.Operatorname cannot able to find.
*******important I need to use this routing both in cover level and covered object level assignments , also i need to route to not currentoperator worklist [Need to route to Cover.Operatorname worklist when the case property value is false]
Any suggestion is much appreciated.

September 11, 2010 - 9:28am

In addtion to my above comments
I need to take care of when I am in Assignment at cover level , then pyWorkPage is my Cover,

When I am in Covered Object level
My pyWorkPage is Covered object, and Cover is become pyWorkCover

I need to switch accordingly

September 12, 2010 - 8:58am

Is working fine with work- worklist , work-.workbasket activities.

September 12, 2012 - 3:05pm


Could you explain me why you have two activities one for routing and the other for assignment as i too have the same functionality and everytime it is redirecting to the problem flow. I had created one utility activity with 2 steps, Call ToWorklist and Call ToWorkbasket depending on conditions and i had called this activity in a utility prior to the assignment i wanted to route. Kindly advise.

Suggestion from others too is appreciated.