For all types of cases [interaction/service/any other type] show left panel [intent tasks] for interaction driver



We have received one requirement, where what ever be the case type, we have to show the left panel [ like interaction driver left panel showing intent tasks for Interaction cases in CPM].


I am thinking to provide a custom section and loading that with the intent tasks manually. The next job will be to fire the intent task when any of the intent tasks are clicked from the left panel -  this means I will have to start that process on pyWorkPage [ before this I have to back up my existing workpage]. Again, while closing this task, I will have to take care of such complex things.


Can you please suggest any approach? Is it at all recommendable to show such panel?

thanks in advance.



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March 12, 2015 - 4:51pm


What version of CPM are you using?  If I am understanding your question correctly and assume you are using CPM 6.x then I think there may be a feature that gets you exactly what you want, take a look tabbed navigation in the Understanding CPM Navigation Options topic in the Customer Process Manager Implementation Guide.


Cecil Howell, CSA |  Senior Instructor  |  Pegasystems Inc.