Agent Monitoring through agent

where from in the PRPC database all the agents in a particular agent schedule can be monitored? is there some flag/fields in some pega table (eg. PR_DATA) having some BLOB/non-BLOB column which contains the status of the agents?

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September 28, 2010 - 1:07am

You can either query the class "Data-Agent-Queue" or you can use this piece of java code to get the details
tools.getAgentUtils().getQueue("Ruleset Name","Queue Number").
This returns a StringMap containing the following details.
For the specified Agent name (ruleset name) and the specified row number in that Agent, return state data about that agent queue. This data is returned in a StringMap, which contains a series of name/value mappings (which are String objects). The mappings are:
Description: The text description of this agent queue row
IsEnabled: (true/false) Is this queue currently enabled, or has it been terminated (manually or due to error)?
IsPeriodic: (true/false) Is this queue executing periodically, or on a recurring calendar schedule?
RescheduleInterval: A textual description of this queue's recurring schedule.
LastRunStart: Time (standard PegaRULES time stamp; ISO format, GMT zone) when queue last run. If queue has never run since the node was started, this value will be blank ("")
LastRunFinish: Time (standard PegaRULES time stamp; ISO format, GMT zone) when queue last finished a run. If queue has never finished a run since the node was started, this value will be blank ("")
NextRunTarget: Time (standard PegaRULES time stamp; ISO format, GMT zone) when queue is next scheduled to run.
LastExceptionData: If queue is disabled, detailed text information on the last exception that occurred.

aRuleSetName - The name of the Agent (RuleSet name)
aQueueNumber - The row number (agent queue) to describe
StringMap A StringMap object containing name/value mappings as described above

September 27, 2010 - 8:14am

You can monitor agents through SMA(System Management schedule).Here in this portal you can delay,stop,restart,retreive the running status and trace the agent queue execution etc under the "Agent Management".

You can switch to SMA from Tools Menu.


November 20, 2015 - 1:24am

Hi, I need clarification on the below issue .

in SMA, we can see all the Agents details in "Agents" tab. in the "Exception info" column, we can the Exception/error details for that Agent.  I have to get the Agent's  exception/error details in one Activity in my Application. how to get that information ? Please help

my analysis : when i query, Data-Agent-Queue, I am able to see the exception info under  pyFutureQueue-->pyFatalmessage property, but after some time, if i query it again  the pyFatalmessage property is showing empty (though the agent has exception). but in SMA, under Agents tab, the Exception info is showing always. not sure why the pyFatalmessage property is showing empty in the clipboard after quering Data-Agent-Queue.

November 20, 2015 - 8:06am

SMA is not querying the database; SMA is calling JMX mbeans that are getting agent status information in memory. If you want 'like for like' there are two options - from publicAPI one can access the AgentUTils class and use a method there or you can use an engine API to access the same JMX mbeans that SMA uses.

November 25, 2015 - 8:57am

Hi Werda,

I understand the process. but, can you please give more inputs on how to implement to access the JMX mbeans.