Activity to fetch work objects and post audit history to FileNet via pdf

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Please note: This is not related to work flow

I have a requirement which is - create a activity - which when run asks for a start date and end date. All the work objects with in these specified dates are fetched. All the information in the audi history tab should be converted to pdf and then post it to file net. 

Reason for the requirement: They are trying to save some space in the database.

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November 24, 2015 - 5:45pm

Before I answer I would seriously question the requirement.  Do you really want to do this and if so is an activity in pega really the right way to do it?  You didn't mention anything about actually deleting the audit information in the activity. I would look more at running a stored procedure directly against the DB and moving the data into another DB, but I have no idea how Pega is going to react to the audit info just being deleted.

If you are still determined to have an activity create a PDF of audit history of a bunch of cases then I would start by creating Report Definition rule in the class: History-{insert case class group here}

I.E.  If you have a class SAE-HRServices-Work-OnBoarding and the class defininition has the default Class group SAE-HRServices-Work then you want to creat the report definition in the class History-SAE-HRServices-Work.


Let me know if this works out for you,


Cecil Howell

Senior Instructor, Pega Academy


January 19, 2016 - 1:46pm

All the columns in history tables are exposed, which gives you flexibility to export the data using external tools. Like Howec mentioned, I would use DB tools to move the data to another DB/schema.