unable to start application page not found error.


The main PEGA application expected to launch in the IE by clicking on the "PEGAPlatform Login" is not working. I have read through all the posts regarding the "404 error" and I also tried tweaking the network and firewall settings but still couldn't succeed. Could please someone advise what and how to do?



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March 27, 2019 - 12:45am

This issue is usually fixed by changing the network adapter you are using within the Virtual Machine.  I would try changing it from Bridged, to NAT, to Host Only until I was able to get the virtual machine to start up.  Please note once started wait approximately 4 minutes to allow the software to fully load before testing the URL.

In addition, just curious as to why you are working on System Architect Essentials 7.2 since there have been a couple more releases of the course.  We currently have System Architect Essentials available on version 8.1.  It includes a cloud based exercise system which would not require you to download and configure the virtual machine on your laptop.

Please let me know if this resolves your issue,

Pega Academy Self-Study Support Team