Troubles in Control Group exercise using Segment rule HighValueBranch1

In the exercise for Control Group when I create the segment rule HighValueBranch1. I faced few difficulties

1) The filter conditions in this rule does not behave the same way as When rules or Report definition rules. For e.g: Add 3 filter criterias (A, B and C), however you only want to use A and B. You cannot do this, unless you delete C from the list of criterias.

2) To troubleshoot the issue, if you move away from the non Pictorial view to the Pictorial view, the conditions are not moved and vice versa.

3) The run button is only enabled after checkin the rule.

What is the reason's for above behaviors?


Thank you


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October 23, 2015 - 8:19am

Hi Titto

Thank you for sharing your observations:

1) Segment in Pega Marketing caters to the use cases of the 'marketing world'. It may not behave exactly like a Pega platforms 'When' rule or a Report Definition. Can you please elaborate the exact use case where you have added a third criteria but don't want to use it (and why you don't want to delete it if not used?).

2) As detailed in the Essentials course, you can either use the non-visual OR the visual mode to build a Segment; not a combination of both. If you switch modes in-between, you'll loose the criteria.

3) The Run button is indeed designed to be enabled only after the Segment is checked-in to avoid overwriting the underlying Segment table, which might be used by a live Campaign. If you check-in, the changes to the Segment will be audited and someone can track if the Campaign behaves differently due to incorrect Segment records.

Hope this clarifies.