No "Service Type" available in Designing A User Interface exercise

First of all to be clear, I am doing the System Architect Essentials v8. The post course drop down only has v7.1, no v8.

My issue is that I am trying to do the "Exercise: Designing a user Interface". I have completed all of the exercises to this point. The assignment summary says I will

Apply the format to the Service type drop-down label...

and then in the step by step instructions say that I will:

  1. From the Dev Studio header, from the Create menu, select New > Assistance request to create a new case. The New: Assistance request form is displayed. Examine the current configuration of the New: Assistance request form, noting the lack of user guidance and terms used in the drop-down list.

and also

5. Click the Service type drop-down to display configuration details for the drop-down control.

To this point, we have never added anything to the "New: Assistance request" form. Apparently, we were supposed to have created some kind of drop-down that had selections like "My vehicle won't start, I have a flat tire, or My vehicle is out of gas (several other options.) All in a dropdown field called Service Type...but none of the exercises to this point have instructed use to create any kind of dropdown on this intro page. I have backtracked through all of the previous exercises and the step by step instructions, but there is absolutely no reference to any kind of a Service Type dropdown being added to the intro page of a new case.

It's as if there was supposed to be an additional exercise for section 20, User Interface: Customizing user view layout that had us create a service type and maybe adjust the layout? But there is not. There is no reference in any of the text for the exercises regarding a Service Type element.

I have restarted this entire lesson multiple time thinking I have missed a step and even unenrolled and started with a new VM. But still, there is no Service Type elements or instructions on when or where to create this Service type.

Please tell me where I can find these instructions so I may complete this exercise and this course.


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August 23, 2019 - 4:09pm

Something more is missing in this exercise as well. It wants us to make a marker on the map based on the field for Long/Lat. It has you add a button to the ProvoiderInformation popup. then it tells us to add an action set to the button and it is supposed to run the "SetSelectedProvider" data transformation. However, we never set up a "SetSelectedProvider" data transformation in any other exercise. So just entering it fails when saving because it cannot be found. 

So now in all the exercises, we have had there has only been one custom data transformation like this and it was when appending selected services to the review case. Nothing so far has taught us how to add a data transformation to a button and assign two values from a selected record into to fields in a parent page. So again, I am at a loss of how to even go about creating a "SetSelectedProvider" data transformation and passing the data along to the case.

Your further information would be greatly appreciated so I can finish this course.

August 23, 2019 - 4:21pm

So I am able to put a button in the popup box for the but apparently where is something else that has been skipped to set up the name and address in the field base on the selecting the map tag. There is no information about whatever kind of trigger, transformation, reference to the provider list to get this specific data for the tag and get it to display in its dynamic format.


August 26, 2019 - 9:40am

I think I figured out the issue. Yes, of course, user error. It seems I was using the login from a previous lesson help by my browser cache, author_cm@gogoroad, instead of the one for this lesson, author_ui@gogoroad. I figured we were building on previous lessons, but I was mistaken. Note to self, be sure to use the new operator id in each lesson.