Exc. "Creating an Intent When Record": How to deal with the modified "New Account" intent task?

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I'm relating to p.6 of the exercise guide of the class and there list item 6.


There it says to "For the New Account Intent Task that’s part of the General category add the HighBalance Intent When."


Unfortunately, I can't seem to save this rule, but am only allowed to save it as a new rule. Could You please advise on how to do that properly? See the screenshot below for the options - I yet don't know what they mean and how I should go about them in this context.


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August 19, 2014 - 3:29pm


Notice the small lock icon to the left of the Save As button, this indicates that the rule you are working with is in a locked Ruleset version (MyCoCa:07-12-01) which is why the simple Save option is not available. You need to choose Specialize by class or Ruleset and then choose an unlocked Ruleset version in which to save it, likely a higher version of MyCoCa.




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