Embedded Employee Information Section Not Displaying in Evaluate Employee Section


In the Case Hierarchy exercise the embedded section (Empployee Information) does not display when I run the case.

I verified that .Employee is on the pages and classes tab pointing to the Employee data class and the section include uses clipboard page .Employee.   I am able to view dynamic layouts in the section outside of the embedded section

Any suggestions of what can be wrong ?



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August 2, 2015 - 11:18pm

You may want to ensure the .Employee page is present on the clipboard page pyWorkPage. One of the issue with PRPC is that for embedded sections, if the embedded page is not present on the pyWorkPage, it will not render the section properly.


What you can do is to add into the pyDefault Data Transform rule, set .Employee.pyLabel = " ". Any property in the .Employee page will do, I simply used the .pyLabel as an example.


See if this helps.