BIX- Extract -u and -U parameters

Does anyone know when you pass datetime value for -u and -U parametrs in BIX extract (like a hardcoded one - 20141028T230000.000 ,20141029T230000.000), does it get converted to GMT time before looking for records from Database. I am asking this becasue Pega stores the pxUpdatedDateime as a GMT value and when you passs this from a server , does it convert to GMT and start looking for records. Thanks in advance.

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February 20, 2015 - 2:34pm

hi Vijay,


I have a question? is it possible to pass the parameter from script to PRPC Console ( BIX Extract Rule)? I know, we can pass the parameter through Scripts ( Start Date and End date).Scripts will pass the parameters to Pega DB to fect the records for the specifed time period.


Your reply will be useful for me.