Any mock/practice test available for Pega CSA 7.4?

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Actually I am planning to take the exam for Pega CSA 7.4. But unfortunately the only mock test for Pega CSA is for the old version, which is for 7.2. Can you please let me know if there is any practice test for Pega CSA 7.4 - the latest version?



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March 22, 2019 - 2:29pm

Pega does not have a Practice exam for the CSA 7.4, CPBA 7.4, CSSA 7.4, PCSA 8 or PCBA 8 certification exams.

With that in mind, we recommend the following study tips:

  1. Review the exam blueprint for the exam you will be taking. The exam blueprint will indicate the test topics and % of questions within the test topics, along with the passing score and other exam information.
  2. Take and retake the quizzes and assessments in the course until you fully understand the answers.
    • Some of the questions in the courses are actually very certification exam-like types of questions. They will not be 1 to 1 with certification exam questions, but will represent the types of questions that will be asked on an exam. Consider using the course quizzes and assessments as your Practice exam.
  3. Complete the course exercises so you fully understand them.
    • Our Pega exams are performance/scenario-based, so you really need to know how to use the Pega product. The best way to practice for the Version 8 exams is to go through the exercises and truly comprehend the decisions being made. An exercise guide is made available to support the hands-on labs. Completing the course exercises are a good way to enforce the concepts learned in the course.
  4. If taking an Instructor-Led course, your course instructor may do a Test Preparation session prior to the exam date, or Pega has Test Preparation clinics that are available for registration in Pega Academy.
  5. You can see a demo of a Pearson VUE general exam screen at:


As indicated on our Certification FAQ, Pega does not endorse or recommend using any study materials from third-party vendors. This includes websites or forums where brain dumps, exam answers, or study guides exist.

Hope this helps,

Pega Academy Self-Study Support Team