Ading Section inside a Section


When I try to add a section under SAE-HRServices-Data-HRPlan to another section in SAE-HRServices-Work-BenefitsEnrollment, I get an error saying -

** Problem executing pzAssemblePreprocess for RULE-HTML-SECTION SAE-HRSERVICES-DATA-HRPLAN HEALTHCAREBENEFIT #20160225T202130.660 GMT

In  general, can we add any section in any class in another section?  or is there something like, a data class section could not be added to a work class section...?





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February 26, 2016 - 2:55pm

Every Section needs a page to pull values from as it is rendered.

What page did you specify as the context within which your SAE-HRServices-Data-HRPlan Section is supposed to draw?

Guessing you wanted to use some case-embedded page, e.g., ".MedicalPlan".

When adding your SAE-HRServices-Data-HRPlan Section to a SAE-HRServices-Work-BenefitsEnrollment Section you need to specify:

  1. the Applies-To class of the Section (SAE-HRServices-Data-HRPlan)
  2. which case property to reference (.MedicalPlan)
  3. the name of the SAE-HRServices-Data-HRPlan Section to draw (HealthCaseBenefit)

February 27, 2016 - 12:49pm
Response to PEDEL

Thanks.  It worked.