How to implement Field level Audit Track for reference data type field in case work type

In case field is defined at case work type we use the OOTB Case Management-Workmanagement-FieldAuditingType to get the audit trail. For scenario a Pagelist using SOR pattern i.e referening a data type,how to implement field level tracking for each column ? Our approach should be customizing pyTrackSecurityChanges ​ Data Transform and the respective declare trigger pyTrackSecurityChanges ?what about writing database trigger in DB space ?


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January 12, 2019 - 6:20pm

SOR pattern means the data that is fetched resides within read-only memory and is not persisted. I do not see how a database trigger would work.

The SOR pattern also means the data could come from anywhere, for example a REST integration.  You said "Data type" but this does not mean the data source is local. 

Please provide more information about the nature of the "SOR data'" you are wanting to record for auditing purposes.


January 14, 2019 - 6:48pm

SOR Pattern type data access only refers the data from external source, it won't persist within the case as against to Snapshot pattern. While using SOR pattern there won't be data instance changes which can be tracked with a declare trigger rule.  I think you would like to track the changes at data source level while it get referred from case.